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Service Agreement



Booking Fee

  • The non-refundable Booking Fee is payable within 5 days from the receipt of the Notice of Intended Marriage.
  • Where the Booking Fee is not paid, you agree the Celebrant may consider the Notice of Intended Marriage cancelled, and use your ceremony date and time for another couple (customer).



  • If required, I can supply you with signing table and chairs for the signing of the marriage certificates, at no cost to you, subject to you agreeing to indemnify me (refer Indemnity).
  • If required, I can supply a PA System for presentation of the ceremony in order to make your ceremony audible to your guests at no cost to you, subject to you agreeing to indemnify me (Refer Indemnity).
  • You agree that the celebrant does not guarantee or offer any warranties that the PA System will be supplied or will work on the day of your ceremony.




  • The Total Price is for the presentation of a Civil Ceremony to be performed at a time, date and venue as mutually agreed and stated on the “Notice of Intended Marriage” including the completion and lodgement of all legal paperwork.
  • You agree to pay the balance of any outstanding money at least one week before the scheduled date of your wedding ceremony.
  • You agree that changes to wedding ceremony date, time and location must be discussed and agreed by your celebrant in writing. I offer no guarantee of my availability in regards to any such changes.
  • You agree that any changes to Date, Time or Location may incur additional costs. Such costs shall be advised prior to any changes and confirmed in writing by your celebrant upon accepting any such changes.
  • You agree that I may charge additional costs for any unusual requirements, including dress, costume, accessories or props you may require me to wear as part of your ceremony.
  • You agree that you are responsible for arranging and payment for any venue, permits, licenses (etc) and that you shall supply me with a copy of same.
  • You agree that if I am unable to perform the wedding ceremony for any reason, I will notify you as soon a practicable and make all reasonable efforts to arrange another Celebrant to perform your wedding ceremony.
  • You agree to provide all documentation as requested by the Celebrant prior to the wedding ceremony.




  • You agree to recognise any author or artist who’s material or music is utilised within the ceremony.
  • You agree not to use, disclose, or reproduce any information made available by me to you, other than for the inclusion in, or the writing of, and presentation of your wedding ceremony.
  • You agree that you shall not disclose, reproduce, or distribute any information booklets supplied by me to any other person whatsoever without the expressed written permission from the Celebrant.



  • You (the Customer) agree to indemnify (and keep indemnified) the and the Celebrant against all claims, actions, or damages incurred as a result of using any equipment such as (but not limited to) the PA System, Tables, Chairs or any other items that is being supplied to you by the Celebrant regardless of the item being part of the cost of ceremony.


Proprietary Information

  • I agree to supply you with access to our online library at or our ceremony material which contains information to assist us in creating your ceremony.
  • You agree not to disclose any access codes to our online library to any other person, business or company.



Displayed is the MyCelebrant Terms and conditions that are general in nature.    The MyCelebrant wedding packages will affect these Terms and Conditions by adding or removing clauses that affect the level of service offered by each wedding package.    The Terms and Conditions that apply to each specific wedding package can be viewed by selecting one of the links below.


Intimate Service AgreementFamily Service AgreementUltimate Service Agreement

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