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Service Area


Our main service area for other ceremonies (including Weddings) covers as shown in the map.

However, we will travel further if asked.


Our favourite area for performing ceremonies is the Swan Valley and the South West region.    Our eLibrary is a great feature that allows us to design your ceremony with out the need to do regular face to face meetings, which is why we are able to service the South West region, and offer you more choices when it comes to your ceremony and choosing a celebrant.

Ceremonies more than 50km distance from our Lakelands office (Mark) or Lakelands office (Patricia) may attract additional travel costs as quoted at the time of making your booking.



Service Area


Music is an essential part of any wedding ceremony. We use music for the bridal entry and the signing of the marriage certificates. For some couples these songs can have a special meaning, or it can simply set the scene for your ceremony.

With a large range of songs (ranging from Modern, Pop Country, Easy Listening, RMB, Romatic, Instrumental) to choose from, selecting the right music for your wedding ceremony may be an overwelming task.

If you find it difficult to select the right music for your wedding, I have an extensive list of suitable wedding songs that you can use to choose from, or they may inspire you in finding your own special song.

What ever you need, I am here to help you and I can play your songs through my equipment on your wedding day.

Love your Wedding!

PA System

We perform most of our weddings cermonies outdoors.    Without the use of a Public Address (PA) system, background noises, wind, and other distractions can result in your family and friends not being able to hear or enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Mark & Patricia use the best equipment to present your ceremony to your family and friends.    Our PA system is very portable and powerful enough to overcome all the common distractions found in an outdoor location, to ensure all your family and friends will hear every word of your ceremony.

Our PA System does not need to be plugged into a power source. We also have a Sound Box that I can play your music for you.

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