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Pre-Marriage Education


It might seem like old-fashioned advice...


But the first year of marriage is often considered the most challenging year, even for couples who may have been living together for many years.  Modern life has made marriage even more complicated.   The honeymoon is over, and you are just starting to come down from your wedding, now all of a sudden you are worried about combining finances, working around your two careers, and then there is the shared engagements of your two families. For the first time since you have been together you may be feeling the realities of your lifelong commitment as married couple.


In marriage, you now have to think about yourself and your partner.

Marriage Education does not mean that you have relationship issues.   You and your partner can choose to attend sessions before or after you get married, but it is recommended as pre-marriage education.    Many of the sessions cover topics: Communication, Conflict, Commitment, Connection and Adventure.

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