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Is there anything I should know about the NOIM

Yes!    There are a number of legal points around completing and lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).

Over the years we have found that when couples attempt to complete the NOIM, there are often mistakes, and we find that we need to complete a new NOIM. This is understandable, because as Celebrants we are trained in completing the NOIM.

One of the more recent considerations, is making sure that you are using the new version of the NOIM, because a Celebrant can no longer accept the old version.

The good news is, with MyCelebrant, you don't have to complete the NOIM on your own, and you don't have to travel around Perth looking for someone to witness your Signatures.

When either Mark Roberts or Patricia Charlton visit you we can take all of the pressure and stress away from you. We will bring a copy of NOIM, complete it for you, and we can then witness your signature on the spot.

What if I am oversea or a long distance from you

Notice of Intended Marriage

This is no problems either.    We have an online version of the notice that we can give you secure access to that can be used to complete and print your notice.  

With our online version we can help you make sure all the information is correct before you print the notice, and we can give you the correct advise when it comes to getting the form witnessed and lodged with us in accordance with the legal requirements.

Are there other online versions of the NOIM

Unfortunately ... Yes!   But you should be careful of these online NOIM's.   You may find that you are providing your sensitive personal information to a non-secured site.

Some online NOIM's purpose is to lure you to signing up to an impersonal and inflexible marriage service where you do not have any choice as to your celebrant or your ceremony. Couples sometimes do not understand the full terms and conditions of the service being offered or even the cost.   These companies often expect you to understand what to do when it comes to Marriage Laws in Australia, and you often have to find someone to witness your NOIM.

MyCelebrant, we want you to meet us and for you to understand and be comfortable with our Service Agreement (and Cost) before you commit to lodging a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with us.

We won't make you fill out your own NOIM and then expect you to go away and find a witness.

We don't expect you to understand the Marriage Laws in Australia, that is our job to understand and guide you through the process.   

If you are overseas or long distance client, we still look at having a meeting via phone (or better still by video chat).

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