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Getting StartedLove your Wedding!

Getting started is easy ...

 First, decide which one of us you would like to meet (Mark or Patricia).
 Call and arrange a no obligation meeting at your convenience.
Here Mark or Patricia will discuss the MyCelebrant services and your specific needs.   If you like what you see, you can book Mark or Patricia as your Celebrant.
Once you have booked one of us, your Celebrant (Mark or Patricia) will work with you every step of the way to the presentation of your wedding ceremony.

Getting Married (and Designing your Ceremony)

Couple 0This is an exciting time of your life. Even if you plan to have a small ceremony with family and friend, you will have many decisions about your wedding that you will need to make:

  • Location, Guest List, Invites
  • Flowers, Bridal Dresses, Accomodation
  • Photographer, Videographers
  • Reception Venue, Music
  • Bridal Cars

Occassionally, couples get so caught up in arranging everything else about their wedding, they leave the selection of their Celebrant to the last minute not realising there are legal requirements surrounding the Notice you must give your Celebrant. Selecting your celebrant is so important and is a decision that you should make as soon as you can.

We can design, plan, and present your wedding ceremony, making this a pleasant and stress free part of your wedding.

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