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Do I need to book the park for my wedding?



Throughout Western Australia we have an unlimited supply of parks and reserves that make the perfect location for a wedding.    Parks and reserves are public open spaces and are managed by different authorities.


Each authority (like Councils) may require you to book the park or reserve, and there will be certain conditions that you will need to follow.   You should also be aware that your booking will not give you exclusive access, and the public will still be able to enjoy the park or reserve also, as a result you may have some background noise (like children playing and the occassional barking dog).In our experience people are very respectful of outdoor weddings, and often enjoy watching.    Generally noise disruptions are minor, and the PA System assists with background noises.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have booked the park and reserve, and that you understand what you can and can not do as part of the agreement between you and the managing authority.     Most authorities are very helpful and keen to have a wedding, because it adds to the family atmosphere of the park that they wish to attract.


We recommend that you book the location 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony, and have a minimum period of 2 hours.   Also make sure that you keep the setup simple and quick.         You will not be able to setup an elaborate setting and leave it there for several hours before your wedding.There are companies out their that you can hire to come in just prior to the ceremony, setup the location, and pack it away after the ceremony.

If the above is of major concern to you, then you should consider hiring a private location with its own gardens.



Parks and Reserves

The links below will take you to booking information pages for some authorities that manage parks and reserves at locations that we have performed many wedding ceremonies at:

Alcohol Consumption at a public venue

Alcohol consumption is not permitted in public places like parks and reserves. Yes, people sometimes bend the rules and enjoy a quiet drink whilst having a picnic, but this does not make it any more legal.

When you book a park or reserve the management authority will often state there is to be no alcohol consumption.      There is a lot of information online about what you can and can not do, some the advice is incorrect.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries are the best people to seek clarity on this subject, and should they recommend a you apply for a liquor license you may find that their Occassional Liquor License is suitable.

The cost of the Occassional Liquor License for up to 250 people in 2022 was $54.50.

Can I have a drink before I get Married

Within your wedding ceremony there is a very serious legal part where you give your consent to marry your partner.     When you give this consent, you must be able to do so freely and you must not be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. 

Your Celebrant is legally obligated under the Marriage Act to ensure that you understand the significance of marriage and that you are giving real consent to the marriage.    If for any reason the Celebrant is concerned with your ability to provide real consent, they must not solenise the marriage.    

Sometimes Brides and Grooms my have a drink to settle the nerves prior to the ceremony.       The problem arises when one drink turns into multiple drinks, or drinking something that you would not normally drink has an effect on you (like champagne in the back of the limosuine).        With all the planning and costs associated with getting married you need to ask yourself, is it worth spoiling your special day.

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