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Western Australia offers an assortment of natural, unique and beautiful locations where the scenery that is vastly different. We have everything from our Coastal locations and Marina's, to our Bushlands and Vinyards, Secret Gardens and Parklands, Reserves and Dam's, historic and rustic sites your choices are endless.

We also have our stunning Rottnest Island which is home to our cute little Quokka's, or Penguin Island which boasts to contain the smallest spicies of penguins in the world.

We also have the perfect weather conditions.

Surprise Weddings


Surprise Wedding

A surprise wedding is a very romantic guesture.   In Australia, the legal requirement is a couple must give notice of their intent to marry by lodging a Notice of Intended to Marriage (NOIM).

Each party to the marriage must also give 'real consent'.  A person can not give real consent if the wedding is a surprise.

This means that a one party to a wedding can not arrange a wedding as a surprise for the other party.   Any wedding that takes place under such circumstances is an offence that has severe consequences for the celebrant and the couple, and is grounds for voiding the marriage.


Suprise Weddings for Family and Friends

You can however have a surprise wedding for your family and friends.    At MyCelebrant, we can assist you with turning a gathering of family and friends into a surprise wedding.

Before deciding to have a surprise wedding, you should consider you and your partners circumstances and how your family and friends will feel about a surprise wedding.

Theme Weddings

Themed Wedding


Are you looking for a wedding with a difference?

We have helped couples design and perform themed wedding ceremony that were a lot of fun for everyone, but still respected the importance of marriage.

If you would like to find out more about themed weddings, please ask us.

Sunset Weddings

Sunset Weddings


Western Australia is the only state in Australia where you can enjoy a romantic sunset wedding with the Indian Ocean as a magnificient back drop.

There are so many good reasons for choosing a sunset wedding. Like photo opportunities, cooler weather, and spectacular scenery.

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