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Notice of Intended Marriage


We call this the NOIM.    It is the first official document that you lodged with your celebrant, advising that you and your partner wish to marry.   The legal requirement is it must be lodged at least one month prior to your wedding ceremony, and is valid for 18 months after lodgment.

When it comes to filling out the NOIM, you don't have to complete it on your own.     When we visit you, we will bring a copy of this form, to complete it with you, and we can then witness your signature.   

Clicking on the image will cause the NOIM to be download from the Australian Government - Attorney-General's Department website, and be placed into your downloads folder.    We provide this link for easy access, and for our international and distance customers who may need to complete and lodge this form prior to visiting us.

If you are lodging a NOIM from overseas, you need to discuss with us how to complete the NOIM, and who you can have witness your signatures.




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