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We have been part of the West Australian community for over 53 years.

We are Civil Marriage Celebrants (or Non-Religious Marriage Celebrants), and for the past 16 years as we have been fortunate to enjoy helping couples of all ages and backgrounds to begin their new journey together as a married couple.

As Civil Marriage Celebrants, we welcome all couples regardless of your age, background, values, culture, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.    We want you to enjoy a wedding ceremony that reflects your style and the values that are important to you.

AFCC MemberWe are proud members of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants Inc.


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Servicing Perth Metropolitan Area, Mandurah Peel Region and South West Region - Western Australia

Top 2 Marriage Celebrants in Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury (Non-Religious Marriage Celebrants)


How much do you cost?

We offer a range of wedding ceremony packages starting from $350.00 for a simple intimate ceremony.

Click (here) Ceremony Price for more information on our package choices.   Our ultimate wedding package gives you the freedom to customise your entire wedding ceremony. 


Can I choose my Celebrant?

We are all about choices.    

Your choice of celebrant, location, wedding package, and wedding ceremony.

Your first choice is to choose either Mark or Patricia as your celebrant, who will then guide and support you through all your decisions and present your wedding ceremony on the day. 

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Who is the best Celebrant for us?

Ultimately, the best celebrant for you is someone that both of you feel comfortable discussing how you imagine your perfect day will be. 

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We are both friendly and down-to-earth celebrants, and we each have our own individual personalities and styles that we bring to you.

We invite you to meet either of us in person, at our home office or your home, so that we can have a chat, and you (and your partner) can see if you feel comfortable before you make your decision on your celebrant.

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8 January 2023       

Wedding & Bride Summer Expo
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Difference between Non-Religious and Religious Marriage Celebrant

Wedding resource sites (like and Married.Today) will often have an option to select your Celebrant Type/Prefrence:

  • I Dont Mind
  • Non-Religious Celebrant
  • Religious Celebrant

Couples often think this relates to the type of ceremony.   That is, a Religious Celebrant will only perform a ceremony with religious content.

With the introduction of changes to the Marriage Act which allowed same sex couples to marry, there are now 4 types of Authorised Marriage Celebrants:

  • Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants
  • Commonwealth-registered religious marriage celebrants
  • Ministers of Religion (Registered with BDM)
  • State and Territory Officers

The term Religious Celebrant (or Commonwealth-registered religious marriage celebrant) simply means these celebrants does not have to perform ceremonies that do not align with their own personal religious beliefs, and they must say that they are a religious marriage celebrant in their advertising.      For example, a Religious Marriage Celebrant does not have to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony if this is in conflict with their own religious beliefs.

Mark and Patricia are Non-Religious Marriage Celebrants

We have been registered as Commonwealth-Registered Marriage Celebrants since September 2005.

We are delighted and proud to be able to peform wedding ceremonies for all couples, and tailor these ceremonies to the couples own personal beliefs.   Our ceremonies are modern and do not have any religious context, but should a couple wish to have some religious context or a prayer within their ceremony, then we are happy to introduce this into the ceremony.Equality0



Purchase Birth or Marriage Certificate [BDM Registrar]

 If you were born or married in Western Australia, your birth and/or marriage will have been registered with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.   You can obtain a registrars version of your Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate using this link.


rdbm apply online

If you were born or married in another state within Australia, you can apply for a copy of your Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate in the state that you were born/married.


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